some small programs


Add 30 seconds of silence every 30 seconds to an mp3 file.


Add, remove and jump between highlights in Sumatra PDF.


A helper tool to quickly make picture zones for Scan Tailor Enhanced.


Use sumatra_earmarks to earmark any pdf page in SumatraPDF


Use SoloCrop to quickly crop many jpeg images one by one in a row


BookCrop quickly batch crops many jpeg photos of book pages


Speeds up ScanTailor image processing by using two or four CPU cores.


Use FileNoter to quickly create a plaintext note file for any file through the context menu.


unpacks all Firefox bookmarks.html boomarks as individual .url files and subfolders to a path you set in the ini file

All programs below are old, only tested in WinXP:


GUI frontend to convert Scan Tailor tiff output to OCR'ed djvu


tv_out creates a shortcut for quickly turning extended desktop on/off.

screenshot of program


ExtDesk helps you control the primary desktop from the extended desktop.
ExtDesk has a button for opening the desktop folder and a screen that tracks the mouse for easy navigation on the primary desktop.

screenshot of program


A small timer app with big digits.

screenshot of program


AudioBookSleep waits X minutes, saves a screenshot of VLC to desktop, then shuts down the computer.
The VLC screenshot shows the filename and time just before shutdown.
That makes it easier to next time continue from where you dozed off.

screenshot of program


Uses Media Player Classic to create contact sheet (= a large image with many thumbnail sized screencaps) for one or more video files. Especially useful for a large batch of videos.

screenshot of program


Tourl is a small tool for quickly saving webpage URLs to individual .url files with tags and custom file names. It uses intuitive hotkeys and/or mouseclicks.

screenshot of program


Shortcutty adds a context menu entry to Explorer to create a shortcut and place it in another folder.


input: multiimage file.tif with two scanned pages per image (= a bookspread, tilted 90 degrees)
what the script does: rotate 90 degrees, split each image in two (L/R page),
output file.pdf with all split images in page order

screenshot of program

Deprecated programs:


SavePathCapsMclick sets a path in a "Save As" window when the user holds caps and middle mouse clicks on another Explorer window.

CurrencyConverterMini (FARR plugin)

Convert from one currency to another via google.

screenshot of program