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A small timer app with big digits.

Detailed Info:

- TIMER and ALARM modes
- big digits in the top left screen corner
- timer digit display phases: above 5 minutes = only minutes are shown, 5-2 minutes = M:SS, 2-0 minutes = seconds.
- when time is up an alarm sounds and a clock image pops up

BigTimer is Free Open Source Software, GPL made in Autohotkey and released in time for NANY 2010
bigtimer.ico + bigtimer.png = adaptation from image by Júlio Reis, cc-by-sa
bigtimer.wav = adaptation from sound by Corsica_S, cc-s+
inspiration: a timer script by Skrommel

How to use:

Unzip, then run BigTimer.exe
input 0000-2359 --> ALARM set in HH:MM format
input 0-999 --> TIMER set in minutes

- click tray icon to hide/show timer
- doubleclick tray icon to exit
- command line use: timer.exe 2345 --> sets alarm 23:45
- command line use: timer.exe 234 --> sets timer 234 minutes
- command line use: timer.exe off (any non-digit except x will do)
- note: a set timer/alarm is not saved when a user restarts the computer
- for use via FARR, import this alias string (edit the path to your BigTimer.exe):
1000>>>timer>->timer $$1 | C:\autohotkey\BigTimer.exe $$1>+>^(?:ti|tim|time|timer|ala|alar|alarm)(?:| )(|\d{1,4}|\d{1,4}x|off|stop|kill|close|av|x)$


v091227 first version ( md5 = 58008f7171bf0355c0dd4be4a1a7734e )