some small programs


BookCrop quickly batch crops many jpeg photos of book pages.

How to use

1. Drag and drop a folder of jpeg or tif images.
2. BookCrop overlays them into one preview.
3. Draw a rectangle and click "crop" to crop all images.
(4. or Ctrl+draw another rectangle to the right of the first to crop split each image to two files)

R L mode (Ctrl+Tab)
Processes *L.jpg and *R.jpg in inputfolder separately

Press R och L at overlay preview
to rotate in 90 degree steps (applied before crop)


Download and unzip BookCrop.
Download and install the latest GraphicsMagick (the Q8 version is faster).
Download libjpeg-turbo-1.4.90-gcc.exe (for 64bit get gcc64.exe) or newer and
unzip the exe (with 7-zip) and browse to the \bin subfolder and
copy jpegtran.exe and libjpeg-62.dll and place next to BookCrop.exe


Use BookCrop on folders with right and left pages before ScanTailor when book scanning.
BookCrop is like Briss but for jpeg files.
BookCrop crops all and only jpeg or tif files (whichever is first found) in the dropped folder.
Other files and subfolders are ignored.
Change threshold if overlay is too dark or light.
Drop a single jpeg/tif for quick overlay preview that refreshes when the slider is moved.
Advice: Use crop to subfolder, so you can redo if you crop too much.
Preview works well only if all input jpegs are equal in pixelsize.

Made in Autohotkey by nod5 as Free Software GPL3
Tested in Win7 x64. The zip contains binary and source.

Changelog & md5:

fix: errormessage if libjpeg-62.dll missing
d231467bbdb164b2af4752f6c8b6a8e6 *BookCrop.ahk
ff0a37b469f3da05ad7aa32733d62183 *BookCrop.exe
49b514590e4dd017280afe0efbcbddad *

fix: image size bug on non-english systems (thanks hatatat!)

fix: variable error

fixed preview flickering
mode to separate inputs into two batch crop jobs (R and L files)
rotation (optional) at pic overview

.tif input now also works
faster preview thanks to -size command in graphicsmagick
faster crop thanks to jpegtran from libjpeg-turbo (but slower jpegclub jpegtran still works)
fix: find GraphicsMagick path via registry 64bit Windows now works
fix: removed term "lossless" from info

v121213: preview height now adapts to screen height.
fix: selection was imprecise in some cases.
new option: crop to subfolder (keep originals)

v121211: fix: preview height is now always ~600px even for large input images

v121208: first release