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ExtDesk helps you control the primary desktop from the extended desktop.
ExtDesk has a button for opening the desktop folder and a screen that tracks the mouse for easy navigation on the primary desktop.


screenshot of program

screenshot of program

Detailed Info:

ExtDesk is free for personal use. Donations are welcome.
ExtDesk is made in Autohotkey. The magnifier is adapted from code by holomind and others. .ahk source is included in the .zip

Use: Run extdesk.exe from any folder

- The ExtDesk window places itself in the upper left corner of the extended desktop.
- Click "desktop" to open/close the desktop folder in the extended desktop window.
- Click "magnifier" to show the ExtDesk Magnifier screen in the upper right corner of the extended desktop. Use it to move the mouse on the primary desktop, click on the taskbar, open menus, drag files, start programs and so on. The red cross is the mouse pointer.
- Click the checkbox to make ExtDesk always on top.
- Right click ExtDesk to reload or close. Or load video player (default: VLC & KMPlayer; can be changed in .ini).
- Right click ExtDesk Magnifier to change zoom level or reload.
- Middle click ExtDesk Magnifier to toogle zoom modes.
- Middle click ExtDesk left corner window to toggle onscreen keyboard
- Double click tray icon (use use tray icon menu) to move all (non-fullscreen) windows from secondary to primary monitor
- To close ExtDesk from the primary monitor doubleclick extdesk.exe again or exit through ExtDesk's tray icon.

ExtDesk so far only works with the extended desktop positioned to the right of the primary desktop (= default position in Win XP)

Note: If you like ExtDesk then check out its "sibling" tv_out


090221: tray icon doubleclick also moves windows to primary
80e4f7b55a552be3434e93b211b3ffe3 *extdesk.ahk
e49e9e83ac709f8512b1c2c13ea5170b *extdesk.exe
090201: fixed error with middle click magnifier zoom toggle
090132: middle click extdesk left corner window to toggle onscreen keyboard
090131: middle click extdesk magnifier toggles zoom modes
- right click menu: open video players (default: VLC & KMPlayer)
- ini with option to override default video players
- tray icon menu to move all (non-fullscreen) windows from secondary to primary monitor
090127: trimmed and posted source
080419: (first version)

Use Cases:

You have connected a TV in the next room to the computer, activated extended desktop, started a media player and dragged it to the TV screen, clicked play to start a great DVD movie, found a comfy position on the couch and placed a supersized bag of potato chips on your stomach*. The movie begins... It's a great movie! But after 10 minutes you want to change some small setting. You click in the movie player. Doh! The player has opened an option window on the PRIMARY desktop! You can't see it. You try to click it blindly. You fail. "Ahhgrrr! I don't believe this!!!" you scream in heated anger while dropping potato chips all over the couch. And the movie refuse to play again until that obnoxious option window is closed. So now you must drag yourself from from the couch, into the next room, click to close the option window and then dash back. When something like this has happened to you at several different occasions you wish for a way to easily control the primary desktop from the extended desktop on the TV. So you start to use ExtDesk.

* = optional