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unpacks Firefox bookmarks.html bookmarks as .url files and subfolders
setup: edit .ini to set an unpack folder where bookmarks .url files are created
setup: edit .ini to set Firefox profile folder path
setup: Make Firefox update bookmarks.html in profile folder on each close:
- type about:config in Firefox URL bar
- type browser.bookmarks.autoExportHTML
- set the value to "true"
tip: Put a FFBookmarkUnpacker.exe shortcut in Windows quickstart folder to run it when Windows start
tip: Add the word "wait" as command line argument in the shortcut to wait 20 seconds before running.
Useful if you need other processes to run before FFBookmarkUnpacker on startup.

note: FFBookmarkUnpacker only creates copies of the bookmarks. They are not removed from Firefox.
note: FFBookmarkUnpacker first removes all old bookmarks in the unpack folder each time you run it.

Changelog and md5

e31ff9dfa5f5ff178af4996af5115c0f *FFBookmarkUnpacker.ahk
09829fdc86c9e72b26df78d107d862de *FFBookmarkUnpacker.exe
150904: bugfixes: nested subfolders, separator lines, bookmarks without subfolders
131117: fix special characters error, set profile in ini, cleans up old bookmarks before copying
100515: (first version)