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QuickPicZone is a helper tool for Scan Tailor Enhanced. Make picture zones quickly.

How to use

1. Drag and drop a Scan Tailor black and white mode output file.tif
QPZ displays the matching file.jpg
2. Click and draw a rectangle to set a mixed mode picture zone
3. QPZ saves picture zone data to project file.jpg.scantailor
4. QPZ processes saved project file to output new .tif

Preprocessing mode (ctrl+tab)
A. Drop folder with .jpg files to process all to .tif and .scantailor
(with format and structure as below; uses all cpu cores)
B. Drop single .jpg to calculate DPI estimate (for use in A)


Download and unzip QuickPicZone.
Requires Scan Tailor Enhanced
On first run QPZ ask you to set the path to scantailor-cli.exe

Made in Autohotkey by nod5 as Free Software GPL3
Tested in Win7 x64. The zip contains binary and source.

Changelog & md5:

Drop multiple .tif to do them in order
Preprocessing mode: Drop .jpg folder to process all to .tif and .scantailor
Preprocessing mode: Drop single .jpg to calculate DPI
aede7cf4fc8985fae8d1fa5784098a10 *QuickPicZone.exe
bfad78326cae155c59ebfbe800331c88 *

v140624: first version