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ScanTailor_multi_core speeds up ScanTailor image processing by using multiple CPU cores.

What it does

Processes step 6 in ScanTailor many times faster on computers with multiple CPU cores.

How to use
First do steps 1-5 in ScanTailor and do settings for step 6
Run ScanTailor_multi_core and either
(A) Save project as .ScanTailor file, select it in ScanTailor_multi_core, click "Start", or
(B) Make sure only one Scan Tailor window is open and has the project prepared and then click "Start" (without selecting a file)
Note: Mode (B) saves a temp project file to the ScanTailor_multi_core folder. If processing fails retry with that .ScanTailor file.

Download and unzip scantailor_multi_core.
Requires Scan Tailor Enhanced
On first run you are asked for the path to scantailor-cli.exe

Made in Autohotkey by nod5 as Free Software (GPL3)
Tested in Win 7 x64. The zip contains binary and source.
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Changelog & md5:

any CPU cores number can now be set (not only 2 or 4)
now uses Scan Tailor Enhanced and command line processing
15a6de7d24876da565535e69e98a9171 *ScanTailor_multi_core.ahk
34566e4c960d0c5f5b765af052281743 *ScanTailor_multi_core.exe
v120725: (first version)