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Shortcutty adds a context menu entry to Explorer to create a shortcut and place it in another folder.
The (optional) companion tool Shortcutta moves shortcuts from a folder to the active Explorer window's folder when a hotkey is pressed.

Detailed Info:

Shortcutty and Shortcutta can be used and adapted for any purpose. contains the compiled files (shortcutty.exe shortcutta.exe), .ahk sources and md5 hashes
Shortcutty is made in Autohotkey

How to use Shortcutty:

Setup: Put shortcutty.exe in some folder and run it to add the context menu action (and its registry entries) and .ini file. Edit the .ini and set a folder to create the shortcut in (default: desktop).
Use: Right click any file and select "Shortcutty". That creates and moves the shortcut to the specified folder.

Remove: run shortcutty.exe directly again to remove context menu entry and its registry settings. Then delete shortcutty.exe & shortcutty.ini
Move: move shortcutty.exe and run it directly twice from the new location. Then setup the .ini again.

How to use Shortcutta (optional):

Setup: First edit shortcutty.ini and set it to create shortcuts in some special, temporary folder. Then run shortcutta.exe to create an .ini file and edit it to set a hotkey and a folder to move all shortcuts from (use the same folder as in shortcutty.ini).
Use: Run Shortcutta and keep it running in the system tray. Later press the hotkey to move all shortcuts from the specified, temporary folder to the active Explorer window's folder.

Remove: delete shortcutta.exe and shortcutta.ini.
Move: move shortcutta.exe and shortcutta.ini.


080701: added support tool Shortcutta
080625: (first version)