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Use SoloCrop to quickly manually crop many jpeg images one by one.

How to use

1. Drag and drop a jpeg or tif image
2. Click and draw a rectangle
3. SoloCrop crops when you release the mouse button
4. SoloCrop then loads the next dropped file
The cropped image is saved with the prefix "crop_"

If multiple files are dropped:
Space to reuse previous rectangle (blue)
Up/Down/Left/Right to move previous rectangle
PgDn/PgUp to go to next/previous image
If input files are named 0001R.jpg 0001L.jpg ... (four digits and R/L suffix)
then SoloCrop remember the previous rectangle for each side


Download and unzip SoloCrop.
Download and install the latest GraphicsMagick (the Q8 version is faster).


SoloCrop can be used as a companion to BookCrop.

Made in Autohotkey by nod5 as Free Software GPL3
Tested in Win7 x64. The zip contains binary and source.

Changelog & md5:

07dc8aad7e0c378e2cd32682264faa95 *SoloCrop.ahk
bd17f3898681cdb97f08e4eafc2554fd *SoloCrop.exe
a010770cc4208c5253e2f2cdee7cbc5e *
now only operates on images dropped on the GUI (not all in folder)
now uses prefix "crop_" (not "solocrop_")
shows previous crop rectangle in blue
hotkeys to move previous rectangle and go to next/prev file

v131026b: preview in color (was: grayscale)

v131026: first version
d054b8a72341a4b01abdadfdc68516af *SoloCrop.exe
1533f86bcffdde93ec64d31eef7c417d *