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Earmark any pdf page in SumatraPDF



sumatra_earmark lets you earmark any pdf page in SumatraPDF
Each earmarked pdf page displays a blue square in the top right corner
Quickly toggle earmarks on/off with mouse or keyboard
Quicky jump to next/prev earmark page
Earmarks are autosaved to a textfile
Any pdf with at least one earmark shows a grey square in top right corner
Handy popup grid for quick jump to a specific earmark
Unique earmarks for different pdf files (based on file name)
The pdf files are not edited


Win+CapsLock = toggle earmark on/off for open pdf page
Win+PgUp/PgDn = jump to prev/next earmarked page in open pdf
Rightclick on earmark = toggle earmark on/off for open pdf page
Ctrl+Rightclick on blue/grey earmark square = popup grid for quick earmark jump
To customize hotkeys see tray icon menu


Supports 255 earmarks per unique pdf file name
Autosaves earmarks in [Script Folder]\sumatra_earmarks.txt
Also works on djvu files in SumatraPDF
The blue earmark lags behind a bit if you move the pdf window quickly
Inspired by paper book earmarks (duh!) and line bookmarks in Notepad++


Download, unzip and run sumatra_earmarks.exe
Place a link in the Startup folder to autorun it Windows starts.


sumatra_earmarks is really "feature request ware". That is, I hope the SumatraPDF devs like this and build in the functionality.
Made in Autohotkey by nod5 as Free Software GPL3
Tested in Win7 x64. The zip contains binary and source.

Changelog & md5:

d94bf38c89841e974343a067803314b0 *sumatra_earmarks.exe
7bb1bef10c7356cddea346fc528d2627 *
v131120 131120 new db format; works with pdf files with complex pagelabels (1,2,i,ii,iii,1.1,1.2,3,4,5...)
v131108 handles roman numeral pagenumbers; clarified help window
v131101 fixed mouse click bug
v131029b easier hotkey customization
v131029 reworked grid code; show current page below grid
v131028 earmark positioned next to scrollbar; trayicon menu; customize hotkeys (see tray menu)
v131026 first version