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Add, remove and jump between highlights in Sumatra PDF


1. Must install Sumatra PDF Prerelease version (Needed for the highlight command.)
2. Settings > Advanced Options > SaveIntoDocument = false
Settings > Advanced Options > FullPathInTitle = true
Settings > Options > disable tabs (All needed for the script to work.)


H = Highlight selected text + autosaves it into pdfname.pdf.smx
Ctrl+H = Remove all highlighting on this pdf page
Hold CapsLock + move mouse = Remove all highlighting mouse moves over
Win+H = Toggle highlighting visible/hidden
Y = Highlight selected text with red color
U = Highlight selected text with green color
O = Make a blue square dot at the mouse pointer

Ctrl+Win+PgUp/PgDn = Jump to next/prev highlight page
Ctrl+Win+Home/End = Jump to first/Last highlight page
Shift+Ctrl+Win+H/Y/U/O = select jump color filter (yellow/red/green/blue)
Shift+Ctrl+Win+space = toggle jump color filters
Shift+Ctrl+Win+PgUp/PgDn = Jump to next/prev filter color highlight page
Shift+Ctrl+Win+Home/End = Jump to first/Last filter color highlight page

Mouse Lbutton + Rbutton = Highlight selected text
(note: hold down buttons to toggle color for this highlight)
Hold Mouse Lbutton + Mbutton = Remove all highlighting mouse moves over
Mouse Lbutton + ScrollWheel Up/Down = Jump to next/prev highlight page

Basic commands GIF

Jump commands

Mouse controls


Sumatra Highlight Helper is really "feature request ware".
I hope the Sumatra PDF devs try and like the features and make them native.
The feature request at Sumatra GitHub is here.
If you like this then also check out my sumatra_earmarks helper script.

Made in Autohotkey by nod5 as Free Software GPL3
Tested in Win7 x64. The zip contains binary and source.
icon CC BY 3.0,

Changelog & md5:

2f7a6cabf15734d130f49183eb6bcbe5 *sumatra_highlight_helper.ahk
a16dfcb5a6e4ebbe2793227e8e84c02b *sumatra_highlight_helper.exe
78d8ae92559ac5bed6f1fe5691849957 *
red green highlighting now work also with selection on multiple pages
fix color bug when hotkey press without selection

fix command line code
jumps to/from nondigit pages now fully working (uses command line to jump)

fix error in jump commands
jump from nondigit page (C1, ii, ...) to digit page now work most of the time.

+ Four colors, color specific jumps, mouse controls

+ Y = Highlight selected text with red color
+ (Shift+)Ctrl+Win+PgUp/PgDn = Jump to next/prev (red) highlight page
+ (Shift+)Ctrl+Win+Home/End = Jump to first/Last (red) highlight page
+ jump now also works for pdf with virtual page numbers (but not roman numerals)
v141025 first version