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Tourl is a small tool for quickly saving webpage URLs to individual .url files with tags and custom file names. It uses intuitive hotkeys and/or mouseclicks.


screenshot of program

Detailed Info:

Tourl is free for personal use. contains compiled tourl.exe and source files.
Tourl is made in Autohotkey and uses DDEML functions by sean

At first run tourl.exe creates tourl.ini. Edit that file to set your tags and save folders.

How Tourl works:

1. Run tourl.exe to add it to the tray area
2. Activate tourl through its hotkey (CTRL+SHIFT+A)
3. Add tags and edit editbox text string
4. save .url (ENTER)


- Tourl works with these browsers: Firefox, Maxthon1/2 or iexplorer6/7
- Tourl reads the webpage title and URL from the browser
- Tourls puts "windowtitle YYMMDD" as default in its editbox
- Tourl lists several tags (as text buttons):
   - date/time (YYMMDD, YYMMDD-HHMMSS)
   - url-derivates (site,, site.com_blog_post1_comment1)
   - page title
   - up to 9 special user specified tags (3 to 4 letters long. Tag 1-8 are lowercase. Tag 9 is uppercase)
- Tourl has up to 3 text buttons at the bottom for user specified save locations for the .url file
- Since tourl puts all tags in the .url filename the files are easy to find with search tools and launchers like FARR
- Tourl can autochange parts of title text for some webpages ( see tourl_replacement_actions_instruction.txt )
   example: " ____" could be autochanged to "DC ____" in the tourl editbox

Hotkey control:

The Tourl hotkeys are reachable without looking and by moving only fingers, not hand positions.
- CTRL+SHIFT+A: activate/deactivate tourl
- CTRL+A S D F: add tag1 2 3 4 as prefix
- CTRL+A: tap multiple times rapidly (<500ms) to toggle tag1-9 prefix
- CTRL+CAPSLOCK: add YYMMDD as prefix
- CTRL+Z or <: add tag9 as suffix
- CTRL+Q: toggles editbox contents between "windowtitle YYMMDD", "windowtitle" and ""(empty)
- ENTER: saves URL in editboxstring.url at the default save directory (target3, underlined in the GUI)

Mouse control:

- Right/left click on tag to add it as suffix/prefix
- Right/left click on empty area to clear the entire suffix/prefix
- Middle click to toggle editbox between "windowtitle YYMMDD", "windowtitle" and "" (empty)


- trims all forbidden characters from editbox text before saving .url
- shows messagebox if error while saving
- updated tourl_replacement_actions_instruction.txt