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tv_out creates a shortcut for quickly turning extended desktop on/off.
the shortcut icon changes to reflect the on/off state of the extended desktop.

setup: Put .exe and .icl in some permanent folder. Run the .exe to create .ini and shortcut.
use: doubleclick the shortcut to turn extended desktop on/off.


screenshot of program

Detailed Info: contains tv_out.exe, tv_out.icl, tv_out.ahk (source) and md5 hashes
tv_out is made in Autohotkey and uses a function by superfraggle

Edit tv_out.ini to override the default values for:
- the text name of the desktop shortcut (default: TV_OUT )
- the text displayed when hovering over the shortcut
  (default: only PC is active / PC and TV are active)
- the location of the shortcut (default: desktop)
- only enable, never disable, second display (default: toggle)
- make a ctrl+alt+__ hotkey (default: no hotkey)
- icon 1 & 2
tv_out is a replacement for this manual procedure: right click desktop, select "properties", in display properties, goto settings tab, click checkbox to turn extended desktop on/off

If tv_out does not work on you system, it may be because your display device name varies from the one tv_out uses. See the autohotkey forum thread above for more details on how to get your device name. You can then change it in the tv_out.ahk source and compile a version that works for you. tv_out uses the device name \\.\DISPLAY2 .

Note: If you like tv_out then check out its "sibling" ExtDesk


090330: ini option for custom icons
090119: ini option to make a ctrl+alt+__ hotkey (thanks lanux128)
090117: removed a msgbox left from testing
081001: ini option to only enable, never disable, second display
080419: fixed a small variable error from 080418
080418: running tv_out.exe directly (=setup) does not toggle extended desktop on/off, only desktop shortcut does that (thanks Deozaan)
080417: (first version) (edit: it first said 080317 due to a typo)